The Princess and The Pea and Beauty and the Beast

Princess and Pea  copyPrincess and Pea Bed copyBeauty and the Beast copyHello from The Paper Doll Club.  We are having some technical difficulties around here.  Our internet has been down off and on for two weeks, which has made uploading impossible, and last week our scanner died.  (See the weird marks on the bottom of Paloma’s drawing)  : (

So, I am going to take the pressure off and say that we will be taking a break from Paper Doll Club for a while.  With the coming of the new baby and all that is happening around here, it is probably a good time to do this.  Once we get our scanning problem fixed, we will try to post from time to time.  Rosie, Paloma, and Kells are constantly making amazing things that I would love to share with you.

I was able to scan in 3 of our dolls before the scanner died.  So here they are.  I hope you like them!

Paloma made some lovely Beauty and the Beast paper dolls.  I love the size of them and the detail.  I also love the crazy beast that is hovering over the top.  I think you will like him too.  He seems scary, but remember: He is a kind-hearted prince inside.

I made Princess and the Pea paper dolls.  I have always liked that story, although now that I’ve grown up, I think it is very silly.  But I still like it.  And I like the idea of a big comfy bed with lots of blankets on it.  So here is my version of the Princess and her giant fluffy bed.  This week I used a thick graphite pencil instead of my usual ink pen.  Can you tell the difference?  I think the lines are a little creamier and softer.  It is fun to try out different ways to draw and color and to use different drawing tools.  This is a quick way for instant inspiration.

We hope you enjoy these dolls.

Lots of love,

Mackenzie, Rosie, Paloma, and Kells




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