Half a Year of Paper Dolls from The Paper Doll Club

It is The Paper Doll Club’s Half-Birthday!  Thanks to all of those who stop by and print out our drawings to color and play with.  It has been a lot of fun for me and the kids.

This week, I have to admit, that due to a lot of major transition in our lives (more coming on that soon…), and the fact that our house is turned upside down right now in the middle of a major re-arrange, and that I totally forgot until just now!!!–we are going to take a vacation.

I am reposting a group of paper dolls I think would be good friends and playmates.  If you have colored them once, maybe you could try some new colors this time.  Or make your own new outfits by putting a blank piece of copy paper over the top of the doll and tracing along the outline, adding your own fashions to the shape of the doll.  (Don’t forget to line up the tabs along the body of the dollie so she can wear her clothes!)

Thanks to those of who you check in every week.

Love from Rosie, Paloma, Kells, and me.

Queen CupcakePrincess Cherry jpg

Ms. Cinnamon and Baby Buns
free printable paper doll by Mackenzie Chester of The Paper Doll Club

Sweet Miss Meringue Final jpgMiss Vanilla copyKing Candy copyMiss Blackbird Pie copyApple Family by Paloma jpg