Poppy, Lady Leucojum, and Friends

Happy Spring from The Paper Doll Club.

I love the girls’ drawings this week.  Rosie’s Poppy has a beautiful pink poppy dress.  I love everything about this doll.

Paloma’s little girls are full of rich details.  One of the friends is carrying a basket of easter eggs.  I hope you enjoy playing with these paper dolls.

Lady Leucojum is based on one of my favorite springtime flowers.  I always look for them around the beginning of spring in my Daddy’s garden.  On Sunday, I saw them, as beautiful as ever.  They are shaped like pure little white bells, with a bright green dot on the tip of each petal.  Something about them seems both incredibly humble and uniquely striking.  I think they are beautiful and have often thought they would make a beautiful dress for a little fairy.  Hope you enjoy this doll.

Love from The Paper Doll Club!

Mackenzie, Rosie, and Paloma

Springtime Friends copyLady Leucojum copyPoppy copy




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  1. Joy says:

    Love the dolls!! What a great family activity to share.