Sweet Miss Meringue, The Apple Family, and The Strawberry Dragon

We have paper dolls from Rosie, Paloma, and Kells this week!  We started with a fruit theme, and from that, we ended up with a couple of adorable little Apple Families by Rosie and Paloma (I especially love their baby apples, don’t you???), as well as a Strawberry Dragon by Kells.  Do you think he looks like a nice dragon or a mean dragon?  I made a girl who has meringue for hair with a lemon pie dress and a banana pudding dress with lots of Nilla Wafers on it.  I think she would be good friends with Queen Cupcake and Ms. Cinnamon.

Thanks for stopping by for this week’s paper dolls.  We hope you enjoy them.

Until next week we send love from The Paper Doll Club.

Rosie, Paloma, Kells, and Mackenzie

Sweet Miss Meringue Final jpg

Apple Family by Rosie jpg

Apple Family by Paloma jpg

Strawberry Dragon jpg