Mermaid, Friends, and Our First Guest Artist

Exciting things happening this week in the paper doll club.  Today we have a special guest artist!  She is a nine-year-old girl who loves to draw and color.  Her name is Gwyneth, and she was inspired by a movie called Song of the Sea (one of our favorites, by the way), and she drew two amazing pictures based on the movie.  We are happy to feature her work today.  Print it out and color it!

When I saw Gwyneth’s drawings, it made me want to draw something related to the ocean.    So here is my mermaid.  Hope you like it.

Paloma, age 6, made a lovely little drawing of a mother and two friends walking their kitties.  Note the cute little duckies and birdies.  I especially love the snail.  There is lots of rich detail to color.  Enjoy!

If you are inspired by The Paper Doll Club, we would love to know about it!   You can email me at with a photo of your child’s artwork.  We would love to have more guest artists featured on our site!  Thanks so much!  See you next week.

Love from The Paper Doll Club,

Mackenzie, Rosie, Paloma, and Kells

Mermaid jpg
Mermaid by Mackenzie Chester for The Paper Doll Club
Mother with 2 girls copy
Mother with Two Girls by Paloma, age 6
Scan 2-1
Song of the Sea 1 by Gwyneth, age 9, Guest Artist for The Paper Doll Club
Scan 3-1
Song of the Sea 2 by Gwyneth, age 9, Guest Artist for The Paper Doll Club