Robot Friends and Art by Kells

This week I am sending Robot Friends, a set of paper dolls that will hopefully be fun for boys and girls.  I made these for my son Kells.  He is four years old and has an incredible imagination. He’s always drawing robots and rockets and dragons and people fighting with light sabers.  I am including some of his amazing drawings this week, including a mysterious drawing with bad and good robots (and possibly aliens?) and some robot kitty cats.  And my very favorite is the double portrait of Kells and his baby sister, Heidi.  There are not enough hearts in the world to describe it.  I think you will love his drawings.

Love from us here at The Paper Doll Club.

See you next week!

Mackenzie, Rosie, Paloma, and Kells

Robot Friends jpg
Robot Friends, free printable paper doll from The Paper Doll Club


Kells's Robots jpg.jpg
Good and Bad Robots by Kells, age 4


Kells Christmas Tree Guy jpg.jpg
Guy with Three Christmas Trees by Kells, age 4
Kells and Heidi jpg
Self-Portrait with Baby Sister, Heidi and Winking Sun by Kells (age 4)