The Snow Child Paper Dolls

This week’s paper dolls were inspired by a beautiful play that the girls and I saw with a friend over the weekend.  It was based on a Russian folktale called The Snow Child, about a barren couple who build a child out of snow.  Through love and magic, the child comes to life.  The play was moving and tender, and I know we will always remember it as a special experience that we shared.

Afterward, we told the director of the play how much we loved it, and she said that she has been printing out our paper dolls for her little girl.  She said she wanted us to make Snow Child Paper Dolls.  We were instantly inspired.

So here they are.  Hope you enjoy them.  This week I made dolls and so did Paloma, age 6.  I think you will especially love her Snow Child (do you love the boots?!) and her lovable snowman.

Thanks for tuning in to this week’s post from The Paper Doll Club.  See you next week!


Mackenzie, Rosie, and Paloma (and sometimes Kells)

the Snow Child jpg

the Snow Child by Paloma jpg final