Paper Tea Set from The Paper Doll Club!

I love this one.  Rosie, Paloma, and I love tea parties.  Over the summer, we inherited all of the leftover tea from The Baron York Cafe, a beautiful little tea room that used to sit in the heart of downtown Clarkesville.  It was a favorite spot for Randy and me, and is one of the reasons we love tea so much.  This is probably in the Top 10 Things That Have Ever Happened To Me In My Whole Life list.  (And six of those top 10 things are the births of my children and the day I married my husband, if that gives you an idea of how special this gift is to me!)  Tea parties are a frequent occurrence in this home.  Rosie’s current favorite is Creme Earl Grey.  Paloma loves Apricot Black, and Kells likes Chocolate Mint Green Tea.  My favorite daily cup is Margaret’s Hope Darjeeling.

I created this little paper tea set for a friend’s birthday party.  Decorate your tea set, cut it out, and play tea party!  Or better yet, have a real tea party, and have fun with friends painting and decorating your own set. Or give them out as party favors.

Enjoy!Paper Tea Party Set