Paper Doll and Song: Stargirl

This week, Rosie decided to make a “space girl,” so I was inspired to illustrate a character from a song that I wrote several years ago called Stargirl and Moonboy.  It is a sweet little love song that Randy and I recorded here at the house.  I play accordion, and he plays guitar, bass, and Irish whistle.  Today, I have made it available for free download on our cdbaby page.  Have a listen.  Download for free.  You can also download Pitter Patter for free for a limited time.  This is a really fun song with tons of instruments played by Randy.  I wrote the song about being the mother of small children.  I hope you like it.  If you love the paper doll art and you enjoy the music, you can purchase a hard copy of our cd on our Josephine Knot website.  The album is called Home, and is the story of Randy and me through the songs we have written to one another over the course of the past 16 years.  It is about love and family, and it includes a booklet with lots of illustrations by Randy, the girls, and me.

Thanks for your interest in the Chester family.  Enjoy this week’s free printable paper dolls!  Stargirl, Luna the Space Girl (by Rosie, age 7), and Starshine (by Paloma, age 6.)

StargirlStar ShineLuna

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