Alice in Wonderland and The Birthday Girls, Paper Doll Club

I love this week’s Paper Dolls!  My sister asked if I would make a paper doll for a little friend’s birthday, so that’s where we started for inspiration.  The girls blew me away this week.  Paloma’s Birthday Girl, named Lily, is so sweet that flowers actually grow from her dolly stand.  And Rosie, not wanting anyone to feel left out, made Alice in Wonderland Paper Dolls so you can have a very merry unbirthday if today doesn’t happen to be the anniversary of your birth.  These would be a fun birthday activity for little girls, or a party favor to tuck into goody bags.  Enjoy!  Remember, if you print them out, color them, and glue them onto an old cereal box, they will last a long time!  And if you want free printable paper dolls delivered straight into your inbox, subscribe to my blog to join The Paper Doll Club!


Mackenzie, Rosie, and Paloma

Birthday Girl Free Printable Paper DollLily, the Birthday Girl  Alice Painted Paper Doll

ps. Here is Alice in black and white if you would like to color it yourself.  Use crayons, colored pencils, or watercolors like Rosie.

Alice in Wonderland