The Paper Doll Club

Happy Monday, everyone!  Today, the girls and I have a little gift we’d like to send to you.  We spend a lot of time drawing, cutting, folding, and making things out of paper.  We decided that we are going to start a Paper Doll Club.  We are going to try our best to make paper dolls (or other paper toys) each week to post on this blog for you and your kids to play with.  Today, we are sending two paper dolls, Queen Cupcake (made by me) and Princess Cherry (made by Rosie, age 7).  Print them out, color them, cut them out, and enjoy!  Maybe you can design your own characters for the Cupcake Kingdom to go along with them.

A couple of tips about paper dolls:

If you want them to last longer, print them out on card stock or other stiff paper.  You could also print them out on regular paper, color them, and then before cutting them out, glue them onto an old cereal box to make them stronger.  Then cut them out and you will have good, sturdy paper dolls that you can play with over and over again.

If you would like to have these paper dolls (and others to come) delivered right into your inbox, join the Paper Doll Club.  All you need to do is subscribe to this blog, and all of these posts will come directly to your email inbox.  And if you know anyone who has little ones who would enjoy paper projects like this, please pass our blog along.

A word for little boys: I promise we will send some things for you, too.

Thanks for stopping by.  Hope you enjoy these paper dolls, made for you with love from the Chester Family.


Queen Cupcake

Princess Cherry jpg

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  1. Amazing talents in the Chester family!

  2. Joan Zeigler says:

    Love these, Mackenzie and Rosie!