The Best Birthday Gift I Have Ever Been Given

Yesterday was my 33rd birthday.  I woke up to secret sounds in the kitchen as my girls decorated the holiday table for me with double table cloths and our fanciest china.  My three-year-old son came down to snuggle me.  In the monitor, I could hear the baby singing in his bed.

I could never have imagined that this would be my life.  In a few short weeks, we will be bringing our fifth child into this world.  That is five babies in 7 years.  My life is such a whirlwind of chatter and movement and song.  I sat on the couch and held the baby’s perfect little hand while Rosie, Paloma, and Kells performed an original play for me called “Winter is Falling.”  Watching them dance, I was transported to my own childhood, when I dressed up and sang and danced in the living room for my own Mother.

And then I thought about my Mother.

The greatest, most amazing birthday gift I have ever been given was the first.  She brought me into this world.  I am so thankful to her because I want to have been born.  I want to live this life.  I want my children to exist in this world.  I want to be married to a man I love and raise a family together.  After walking through my 5th pregnancy, I am more amazed than ever at the sacrifice that Mama made to carry and deliver me.  God knows she didn’t have to do it again!  I was the ninth, and last, child born into our family.  She could have stopped with eight.  Or seven.  Or six.  Or two.  But she didn’t.  And I am in the world.  And so are my children.  And as I look into their beautiful faces, full of joy for me on my 33rd birthday, I know it is a better place because they are traveling through it.  And I am so thankful to my Mama for the gift that no one else could have ever given me.

My beautiful mother, age 43, and me, the ninth child she brought into this world.



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  1. spike678 says:

    Mac, You are great example of a mother and I know you learned from a great one too. Happy Birthday too

  2. You are so blessed! Hope your birthday was pure awesome-ness!

  3. I guess you know I’m crying right now because of all your beautiful words. I was asked many, many time if “eight is enough” and I am so thankful to God that eight was not enough. Thank you for being you. I love you and your beautiful family. You are an amazing mother!

  4. Memorey Penwell says:

    I’m crying too!! Mostly because I’m struggling wanting to trust God as I walk through my sixth pregnancy. It gets harder physically each time and I so want to be done and everyone tells me I need to be done in the name of Health, but I do not want to hinder any child from being here that God wants to be here. So thankful you wonderful ladies are in my life

    1. Memorey, I feel this same struggle in me. I am hoping and believing that God will guide us as we are trying to figure out the best plans for our families. I don’t think there is one easy answer to this question. It is such a mystery and something that each familiy has to decide on their own. I believe that only God can reveal to us what is best. I respect you and your beautiful family so much. Love you. Glad you are in my life!