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Ok, I am finally doing something with my writing!  Thanks to everyone who has encouraged me about my posts over the last few years.  I love writing.  It has been a major part of my life since I started journaling in earnest at the age of 15.  Every creative idea I have ever had started in a journal.  


I am really excited to announce The Everyday Page, my new blog about all-things-writing, and to introduce you to The Everyday Page Journaling Workshops.  Host a party, or invite me to your school, church, knit night, etc.  Choose from class topics such as journaling for a more creative life, keeping a spiritual journal, journaling with children, journaling for teenage girls, and more.  Reserve a date for a session in the beautiful Terrell Family Gardens in Cornelia, GA, or choose another location for your event.  Keeping a journal is easy, it is fun, and it is worthwhile.  Nothing I have ever done has had more impact on my creative life than moving a pencil across the everyday pages of my journal.

Follow my new blog to get updates about new workshops and events in your area.

Thank you all so much for keeping up with what we are doing, and for being constant support as our family is carving out a creative life together.



And Randy laughed when I said if I stacked them all up they would be as tall as I am...
And Randy laughed when I said if I stacked them all up they would be as tall as I am…

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  1. Aj says:

    Sounds great I will keep you in mind. Love the pic Aj

  2. Phyllis Terrell says:

    I love reading everything you write! Love you.

  3. deairby says:

    So happy to see this post and think about the blessings are coming for all those involved. Wish I didn’t live so far away.

  4. Marilyn P says:

    In your “spare time”, maybe you could work on offering these workshops in an online format as I and others can participate even though we are far away…..Iowa…..