New Video for The Thundering Hoofbeats, our album in the works!

I am so excited to tell you about our newest project called The Thundering Hoofbeats! We have started recording the album in our home studio.  It will be a collection of original tunes and worship songs, as well as some familiar hymns, recorded with some really awesome acoustic instruments–guitar, Irish low and high whistles, bodhran (Irish drum), upright bass, piano, accordion, melodica, and more…  It will also feature Randy and me singing, as well as the beautiful voices of all the little Chester children.  : )  I am thrilled to share the first song with you in this video and to show you Randy playing some of the instruments that will be on the cd.  Give it a listen!  And if you like what you hear, read on to see how you can help us finish and release this album to share with the world.

If you would like to read more about the album and learn how you can help, visit the link below.  Thank you so much!  Your support (great or small) makes this possible for us.


Mackenzie, Randy, Rosie, Paloma, Kells, and Remy