The Daily Turn #28: Paloma

Your marigold hair
casts a red-orange glow
on everything around you.
You are honeycomb
ginger and cinnamon,
the sweetest and nicest
of sugars and spice.
I have never seen deeper pools
of clear, clean water
than in the bright blue
worlds of your eyes.
There is good earth there
for growing beautiful things–
wildflowers of every color
and fragrant blossoms
on flowering trees.

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  1. Lana Ivester says:

    Just too sweet! Even though I’ve not seen Paloma too much in person, I do have the privilege of seeing all the pix the proud grandma, Miss Sharon shares with us on Facebook. These words make me see the unforgettable face of your little cherub when I read them! Perfectly sweet! All your children are just beautiful!