The Daily Turn #26: One of Those Days

Today would have been a good day
for all the people who post comments
about how they don’t know how I do it all
to walk into my house–
Trying to sleep in too late,
barging around about nothing,
dropping the broom to the floor
with a thud just because
somebody wants to eat again.
Seeing the world as a series of
messes that have to be picked up,
instead of adventures that 
must be experienced with
all the little senses…
It has been one of those days.
(And to think that
just yesterday,
I was admiring myself
for calmly walking through
Wal-Mart with a baby 
buckled to my chest, 
a toddler in the buggy,
and two little girls
trotting along beside.)
Now that the babies are sleeping
and the house is quiet,
I remember their little faces
and pray for patience
to meet tomorrow 
with fresh resolve,
with a heart that is thankful
for every moment
I can spend with 
this tribe of little people
who are generous
in love and laughter,
with hearts that forgive
truly and deeply
and will wake
to greet the day
with open arms.

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  1. deairby says:

    Those days make the other days noticeably special! And, you are NOT alone…

  2. Deidre Collins says:

    Been there…I love that each day is a new beginning. When I had a house full of little ones, my prayer mantra many days was, “Please, just give me grace for the moment and the task at hand.” If I looked around the room at the sink full of dishes, mess on the floor, dirty diapers, tears,…my mind would go into overload. You rock, Mama….greet the day with hope and comfort (a little Rod Stewart quotage 🙂

  3. Phyllis Terrell says:

    You have a beautiful “tribe” of little people. Your post today brought back many memories. I always love what you write.