The Daily Turn #23: Sketches of a Morning Spent in a Friend’s Garden

Girls poking holes in dirt and planting tiny seeds
that will grow into salad that we will eat this fall.

A little boy sitting on a tractor pretending to drive
getting on and off and back on with little bare feet.

The pride on Rosie’s face when she told me that 
Her favorite part of the day was climbing a tree.

The little package of begonia blossoms wrapped
in the waxy leaf of a bright green magnolia tree.

My son running up and down a row of corn stalks
that will be uprooted by the time we come again.

Sitting on the porch drinking lemonade and eating
ham sandwiches on a hearty homemade bread.

My sweet little baby with his thumb in his mouth
while he sleeps on a blanket in the quiet back room.

A fragrant breeze carries the sound of children’s laughter
as we sit out on the porch and let them teach us
how to enjoy the world.




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  1. Phyllis Terrell says:

    I love it!