The Daily Turn #15: Sunflower

of course
it could mean 
only this:
we need to clean the gutters
of our house.

But we both felt–
upon seeing the
straight, strong stalk
of a sunflower
stretching up
from the roots
dug deep into
the ditch-bank-edge
of our roof
(two-stories high)–
that it was
a blessing,
a definite metaphor
for something better.




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  1. Lana Ivester says:

    It is a absolute blessing from God to see something more in every little detail, especially those so small they could be so easily overlooked!! That’s a gift!

  2. Victoria Williams says:


    On Sun, Aug 18, 2013 at 8:25 AM, thesevenyearscratch wrote:

    > ** > the seven year scratch posted: “of courseit could mean only this:we > need to clean the guttersof our house.But we both felt–upon seeing > thestraight, strong stalkof a sunflowerstretching upfrom the rootsdug deep > intothe ditch-bank-edgeof our roof(two-stories high)–that it wasa > blessing,”