The Daily Turn #6: Scribble


Some thoughts can by typed
with whole hands
like hellos and how are yous
the birth of a baby,
the recipe for spice cake,
the exchange of addresses,
and the table of contents.

Some thoughts can be typed
with thumbs–
abbreviations for you
and tonight
exclamations, commands
I’m here, plz call.

But there are some thoughts
That can only be scribbled.
This one, for instance,
And the to-do list
Things written while rushing
From one place to another
On scraps of papers,
On old reciepts…
While driving,
One can only scribble.
There are some questions
The pencil can only ask the paper,
And some answers
Only the paper can whisper back.

Overcome with thought,
Beautiful, fresh, untypable thought,
It is best,
I think,
To scribble.