How To-Tuesdays #6: No-Sew Cozy Caterpillar (10 minute toy!)

I love stripy tights. We had so many pairs of these things in every color for the girls. Letting go of them when they outgrew them was always a little sad… But today, we discovered a way to turn them into really sweet little soft toys. This is the easiest little dolly you could possibly make, no sewing involved.

Here we go.

How-To Tuesdays #6: No-Sew Cozy Caterpillar (10 minute toy!)

old tights
chord or yarn (I used hemp chord)
pipe cleaners (optional)
optional embellishments

1.Cut a leg off of your tights.

2. Stuff it with batting (or old t-shirts or dry beans or rice, etc…).  This is the best part!

IMG_32913. Tie off little sections for the head and body parts.  I like to leave the ends of the knot dangling to look like little legs.

4. Tie off the very end so the stuffing doesn’t fall out.

5. Decorate with sharpie and pipe cleaners.  If you would like to sew some button eyes on, that would be very sweet.  Or glue them if you don’t have small babies in the house that will pull them off and eat them.

6. Play!


This is Paloma’s dolly.  She stuffed it and tied it all by herself and designed the hair and face.  I helped her put them on.  I think her little dolly is very Dr. Suess-y…  



Rosie made her caterpillar all by herself.









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    cute, cute, cute