The Day You Were Born

One day I will tell you the story
Of the day you were born.
It will be something like today
And I will say
We took your sisters to The Falls.
Great water rushed down the high rock.
The force of it was fearful and wonderful.

On the walk back we saw
A fat green caterpillar
As healthy as any living thing can be.

I took a nap on the couch,
Woke and tidied things up.

The neighbor girls were over
When a record hailstorm swept through.
The ground was covered in balls of ice
On the hottest day of the year.
Your sister collected them and put them in the freezer.
Your daddy took pictures.
The force of it was fearful and wonderful.

The girls were tired from a long day of sun
And riding in the car.
They were fast asleep by eight.

It felt symbolic to have the dishes done,
Floors swept.
And a week’s worth of laundry put away
As if you might be waiting
For the house to be clean
Before you would come home
For the first time.

I sang your song into the microphone,
Singing through contractions
Thinking  how perfect the day had been.

One day I will tell you
The story of the day you were born.
How fearfully and wonderfully you came.
How the force of you changed me forever.

And if you like this story,
(and you will hurry…)
You are welcome to be born

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  1. nance says:

    You are just TOOOO cute Kenzie