The Seven Year Scratch (or giving birth twice in one summer…)

We are getting ready to have a baby in June.  In quiet moments like these, when the girls go to bed early and the house is still, I realize how quickly he is coming.  Life is so full of laundry and dishes, of juice and snacks, of hide and seek, of little girl laughter and little girl sobs, answering questions and making everything better–when it is finally time to sit down in the evening, then I remember I’m pregnant.  And that our little boy will be coming very soon.

Randy and I have been working on a project called The Seven Year Scratch, an in-progress album of love and family songs that we have written to one another over the course of our relationship–three and a half years dating and seven (nearly eight!) years as husband and wife.  For three months, we have been campaigning online to raise money for this project, and our hope is to spend all summer long recording these songs.  You can read more about it the project and see our campaign video HERE.

The birth of this child and the realization of this album are very connected in my mind.  I am preparing for both simultaneously, and I feel that Randy and I are sharing a really special experience.  I am pregnant with a child–a little life that was inspired by God and made from the love that He has allowed us to share.  In the same way, Randy is about to give birth.  It will be a much longer labor, and he has been carrying these songs around inside of him for much longer than nine months.  These songs were inspired by the same love.  And even though the joy of bringing a living, breathing child into the world will be much greater than that of any human creative endeavor, I feel that when this project is completed, Randy will experience the same relief that I will feel when our baby is born.

This is a blog about the project, which is also the story of our little family.  I am looking forward to sharing the progress we are making on the cd, as well as things that are happening in our lives as these births come to pass…  If you would like to follow along with what we are doing, please subscribe to this blog (see the sidebar link).  Thank you for your interest in our music, which is also your interest in our little family.

Below is a song I wrote for Kells, our little baby who will be with us in a few short weeks.

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  1. nance says:

    Thank ya’ll so much for sharing in this way. Here’s I’ll read about tickling God… although all ya’ll tickle the God in all of us lots already and will continue to do so.

    I know that your path is clear and the details and way will be made know as you journey forth.

    1. Nance, thank you for your hope in us. It means so much.