Chester Family Links

Thanks for your interest in our family!  Here are some links to the music and creative work we’ve got going on.

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We have decided that a band name is never going to really nail our sound/style.  So instead of The Josephine Knot (or previously 4 and 20 blackbirds), we are just going to go from here on out as Randy and Mackenzie Chester.  You can see what Randy is up to on his website: 

and connect with him on Facebook.

You can subscribe to Randy’s youtube channel here.

And you can subscribe to Mackenzie’s youtube channel here.  (There is definitely overlap as much of our music is a collaboration, so if you are interested in our music, subscribe to both channels!

You can purchase our cds on our STORE page.

Rune Flutes:
Randy makes amazing one-of-a-kind Irish whistles and Bamboo Saxophones.  You can subscribe to his Rune Flutes Youtube Channel to see videos of him demonstrating the instruments.  You can also connect with Rune Flutes on Facebook.  And see what’s for sale in the Rune Flutes Etsy Shop.

Thanks so much for staying connected with us.  Be sure to subscribe to this blog for the most sure-fire way to stay in touch.

Love from all of us!

The Chester Family

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