Postcard Sets from Rosie, Paloma, and Kells

Hey, everyone!  Just wanted to share our etsy site with you.  I am excited to say that we have added some of Rosie, Paloma, and Kells’s full-color artwork in the form of postcard sets on our etsy page.

Here are a few of my favorite images.  Click on any of them to see more!

Dark-haired Girl by Rosie, age 7
Dark-Haired Girl by Rosie, age 7
Colorful Girl in Forest by Paloma, age 6
Girl in Forest by Paloma, age 6
Boy and Girl by Kells with color small, age 4
Boy and Girl by Kells, age 4
Matryshka by Rosie, age 7
Russian Doll by Rosie, Age 7
Open Heart by Paloma, age 5?
Open Heart by Paloma, age 6
Bunny Friends Colored
Bunny Friends by Kells, age 4
Girls with Umbrellas Painted by Paloma, with colorage 6
Girls Walking in Rain by Paloma, age 6


Aren’t they inspiring?  I am blown away at what these little people make around here.

We have a few other handmade items as well, and hope to add more to our shop soon.  Thanks for your interest in the things we make and do.




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