All of My Words Escape Me (Sneak Peak) and Album Update

Hello everyone.

This is a little update about our project and a sneak preview of Randy’s song, All of My Words Escape Me.

We had hoped to finish this album LAST summer, which in retrospect, was an improbable goal.  The best and worst part of the process is this: we are recording a full-length album in our living room.  The good side is we have most everything we need at home and we are ready when any opportunity arises…  The bad side is that every time Randy uses the mics (which is for nearly every instrument), the kids and I have had to leave the house.  This all started before Kells was born last June, but after he came into the world, it was a lot trickier to find places where I could go with a three-year-old, two-year-old, and newborn.  Not a lot of safe options out there…   The kids and I spent a lot of the summer at the library, grocery store, in the car…  It was really crazy, but we got a lot recorded.  Then school started and we were back to our day jobs which slowed the project down considerably.  However. a great thing happened for us about three months ago.  We found a great deal on a used vocal booth (the same brand they use for voice overs at Pixar), and we bought it.  It takes up about 1/3 of our living room, and it is has changed our lives.  Randy has affectionately named it The Time Machine, because it looks pretty sci-fi in the middle of our house.  But now we can record at home while all the kids are there.  It is such a huge relief not to have to leave the house to make progress on the album.  We are able to record at any time of the night or day, when our schedule allows.

We are about half-way done with the cd.  It is humbling to admit this, because we had hoped to finish last summer, but because of several computer-related setbacks and with the steep learning curve Randy has endured by teaching himself how to record at home, it’s been a slower process than we’d hoped. But when I listen to the songs so far, I am blown away by what we have been able to accomplish.  Ever since we first started singing together, Randy and I have prayed for a way to record our music in our own way and at our own pace.  It is hard to believe we have the tools to do this now.  And we never dreamed we would be able to get this quality on our own.

Randy is in his element when he is recording.  I see all of his musical strengths coming together–songwriting, performance, arranging, adding the perfect touches…  His mind is so full of all types of music.  It is beautiful to see how he is able to translate that into the recorded song.

We want to share one of Randy’s songs with you.  It isn’t the final mix but it is close.  This is a love song that Randy wrote for me after we broke up for a while.  We both thought it was over for good.  This song reminds me that love can come back–even when it seems like the heart has been through too much to ever be mended…

We hope you like the song.  Thanks to everyone who has supported this project up to this point.  We consider each of you a miracle in our lives.  May the kindness you have sent our way be returned to you in the way you need it most.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this post!